Andy Plummer and his friend Mike Bennett have taught 8 first time winners, wins by 9 different players for a total of 12 wins and 50 million dollars in prize money on the PGA Tour. They have a created a DVD series which has grossed millions of dollars in sales and authored The Stack and Tilt Swing, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide in 4 languages. The system and universal training program they created, the Stack & Tilt Network, is the largest, cohesive, unified, system in the world for playing golf. It was the subject of the largest article in the history of Golf Digest pertaining to Golf instruction, which named them in the top 3 teachers on the PGA Tour and the top 50 instructors in the U.S. The system of Stack &Tilt with hundreds of instructors worldwide using their systematic training and hundreds of others who have attended their training seminars worldwide implementing its principals demonstrate Stack & Tilts reach and applicability which has helped thousands play their own personal best golf. 

This is the personal scheduling device for Andy Plummer conducting lessons at Turnberry Isle Resort in Miami, Florida.

Andy Plummer Worldwide